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The creation of an automatic machine which made paper molds for panettone meant an encouraging beginning for CARTOTECNICA HORES in 1992. With that machine the company could enter and set up successfully in the food industry market, specifically in the bakery industry.

The legal aspect of the factory could also achieve stability. In 1999 CARTOTECNICA HORES, a sole proprietorship, became a Limited Liability Company.

The production line of plum cake molds without strap begins. The food industry is favored because of the cost decrease and the activation of metal detector systems. (Industrial Design Registration Nº 68.399).

2003 - 2005
In order to meet the demands for molds of different characteristics, the production lines expand:
- Panettone molds.
- Easter cakes and sponge cakes molds.
- Plum cakes molds.

2006 - 2010
Due to our commitment to grow in the long term, we have made important investments to strengthen our company. In these four years the industrial plant set up in Bell Ville (Córdoba) expands. It covers an area of 8.000 mts2, which are used for the development of the production processes, as well as for the proper storage of raw material and finished products.

With effort, continuous work and quality commitment with our customers, in June 7th CARTOTECNICA HORES S.R.L. obtained certification according to ISO Standards 22000:2005 with the company BUREAU VERITAS.

...Effort and determination are involved in a race against time. However, they have managed to assert themselves. Today, CARTOTECNICA HORES sells its products in different countries around the world, such as Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay and Colombia.
It has been, it is and it will be a constant...

20 years have passed… and we continue keeping up the commitment to deliver to the food market quality products that widely satisfy our customers’ specifications and needs, consolidating its position as a leader in the area of molds for panetttone, plum cake, easter cake, sponge cakes and the like.



Our mission is to meet our customers’ needs, delivering food packing of excellent quality in due time and proper form, and offering all the conditions for the development of everyone who works for Cartotecnica Hores S.R.L.

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Our company’s view is to consolidate, both in the national and international markets, positioning itself as a leader in the development and manufacturing of food packing.

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Ruta Prov. 3, Km. 183.5
X2550FGZ Bell Ville, Córdoba, Argentina
54 - 03537 - 427085 / 417085
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