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About us

We are HORES

The construction of an automatic machine for the production of paper molds for sweet bread was a sign of an encouraging beginning for the entrepreneurs Messrs. Gabriel Markarian and Oscar Urbano; who with a lot of passion and dedication began to make what they “dreamed” come true.

They began to outline the idea of a company with all the legal rigor, thus finding its stability as a factory and forming CARTOTECNICA HORES SRL, through which they managed to enter and establish themselves successfully in the bakery industry market.

The production line of pudding molds without strapping is launched where the food industry benefits from reducing costs and activating metal detector systems -Industrial model registration number 68399.

2003 – 2005
In order to supply a demand that requires molds with different characteristics, the production lines are diversified:

Molds for Sweet Bread.
Molds for Roscas and Biscuits.
Molds for Puddings.
Easter Bread Molds.

The progressive growth in the demand for HORES products was such that the company began the construction of new mold makers, seeking to modernize and modernize the equipment and machines involved in the production processes.

2006 -2009
Our commitment to long-term growth has led us to make important investments aimed at consolidating our company; Over the course of these two years, the industrial plant installed in the city of Bell Ville -Province of Córdoba- is expanded, covering a physical area of 5,000 m2 available for the development of production processes, as well as for the adequate storage of raw materials and finished products.

Together, in order to increase production capacity, a Super Calandra was acquired that allowed the processing of virgin paper reels, micro corrugation was incorporated, and 4-color flexographic machines were acquired that will allow printing on the paper of the molds, by virtue of the requirements of our clients.

2011- 2012
With effort, persistent work and a commitment to quality with our Clients CARTOTECNICA HORES S.R.L. On June 7,… he managed to certify the ISO 22000:2005 standards with the company BUREAU VERITAS.

This year, the company acquired a 4.50-hectare property with the aim of moving the entire industrial plant; since in the place where it carries out its activities it is insufficient for the volume of production and storage that the company needs by virtue of its expansion policies in terms of conquering new internal and external markets as well as the possibility of incorporating new products into production that the market requires.

2018 – 2020
Finally, on March 9, 2020, we fully installed ourselves in the new plant with a total area of 12,000 m2, which allowed us to draw the Areas of:

Raw Material Process.

The effort and commitment have waged a race against time, but they finally managed to prevail over it. Today, the production of CARTOTECNICA HORES is marketed in different countries of the world, such as Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Colombia, Mexico among others. It was, is and will be a constant…

31 years have elapsed… maintaining the commitment to deliver quality products to the food market that fully satisfy the specifications and needs of our customers, consolidating its leading position in the field of paper molds; with the permanent search for the personal development of each one of our collaborators, a fundamental pillar for the growth of our company.

Cartotécnica Hores - Imagen aérea de nuestra planta
Cartotécnica Hores - Imagen aérea de nuestra planta

The company

Mission and vision

The Mission of Cartotécnica Hores is to produce safe products, meeting the needs of customers and providing all the conditions for the development of the people who make up the company.

Cartotécnica Hores SRL has the vision of positioning itself as a leader in the national market while consolidating itself in the foreign market in the development and production of food containers.